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Afghanistan: Data on Economic TransformationAfghanistanDownload
Afghanistan: Excel Data on Economic StructuresAfghanistanDownload
Afghanistan: Excel Data on TradeAfghanistanDownload
Bangladesh: Data on Economic TransformationBangladeshDownload
Bangladesh: Excel Data on Economic StructuresBangladeshDownload
Bangladesh: Excel Data on TradeBangladeshDownload
DFI portfolios by sectorAllCountriesDownload
DR Congo: Data on Economic TransformationDRCongoDownload
DR Congo: Excel Data on Economic StructuresDRCongoDownload
DR Congo: Excel Data on TradeDRCongoDownload
Economic structures_Decomposition of labour productivity changeAllCountriesDownload
Economic structures_Employment by sexAllCountriesDownload
Economic structures_GDP, employment and relative productivityAllCountriesDownload
Economic structures_Percentage of workers in agriculture (age 25 and over)AllCountriesDownload
Economic structures_Productivity gapsAllCountriesDownload
Economic structures_Relative productivity and changes in employmentAllCountriesDownload
Economic structures_Relative wages by occupationAllCountriesDownload
Ethiopia: Data on Economic TransformationEthiopiaDownload
Ethiopia: Excel Data on Economic StructuresEthiopiaDownload
Ethiopia: Excel Data on TradeEthiopiaDownload
Exports, production and FDI data for African manufacturingAllCountriesDownload
Ghana: Data on Economic TransformationGhanaDownload
Ghana: Excel Data on Economic StructuresGhanaDownload
Ghana: Excel Data on TradeGhanaDownload
India: Data on Economic TransformationIndiaDownload
India: Excel Data on Economic StructuresIndiaDownload
India: Excel Data on TradeIndiaDownload
Kenya: Data on Economic TransformationKenyaDownload
Kenya: Excel Data on Economic StructuresKenyaDownload
Kenya: Excel Data on TradeKenyaDownload
Kyrgyz Rep: Data on Economic TransformationKyrgyzRepublicDownload
Kyrgyz Rep: Excel Data on Economic StructuresKyrgyzRepublicDownload
Kyrgyz Rep: Excel Data on TradeKyrgyzRepublicDownload
Liberia: Data on Economic TransformationLiberiaDownload
Liberia: Excel Data on Economic StructuresLiberiaDownload
Liberia: Excel Data on TradeLiberiaDownload
Malawi: Data on Economic TransformationMalawiDownload
Malawi: Excel Data on Economic StructuresMalawiDownload
Malawi: Excel Data on TradeMalawiDownload
Mozambique: Data on Economic TransformationMozambiqueDownload
Mozambique: Excel Data on Economic StructuresMozambiqueDownload
Mozambique: Excel Data on TradeMozambiqueDownload
Myanmar: Data on Economic TransformationMyanmarDownload
Myanmar: Excel Data on Economic StructuresMyanmarDownload
Myanmar: Excel Data on TradeMyanmarDownload
Nepal: Data on Economic TransformationNepalDownload
Nepal: Excel Data on Economic StructuresNepalDownload
Nepal: Excel Data on TradeNepalDownload
Nigeria: Data on Economic TransformationNigeriaDownload
Nigeria: Excel Data on Economic StructuresNigeriaDownload
Nigeria: Excel Data on TradeNigeriaDownload
Pakistan: Data on Economic TransformationPakistanDownload
Pakistan: Excel Data on Economic StructuresPakistanDownload
Pakistan: Excel Data on TradePakistanDownload
Rwanda: Data on Economic TransformationRwandaDownload
Rwanda: Excel Data on Economic StructuresRwandaDownload
Rwanda: Excel Data on TradeRwandaDownload
Sierra Leone: Data on Economic TransformationSierraLeoneDownload
Sierra Leone: Excel Data on Economic StructuresSierraLeoneDownload
Sierra Leone: Excel Data on TradeSierraLeoneDownload
Somalia: Data on Economic TransformationSomaliaDownload
Somalia: Excel Data on Economic StructuresSomaliaDownload
Somalia: Excel Data on TradeSomaliaDownload
South Africa: Data on Economic TransformationSouthAfricaDownload
South Africa: Excel Data on Economic StructuresSouthAfricaDownload
South Africa: Excel Data on TradeSouthAfricaDownload
Sudan: Data on Economic TransformationSudanDownload
Sudan: Excel Data on Economic StructuresSudanDownload
Sudan: Excel Data on TradeSudanDownload
Tajikistan: Data on Economic TransformationTajikistanDownload
Tajikistan: Excel Data on Economic StructuresTajikistanDownload
Tajikistan: Excel Data on TradeTajikistanDownload
Tanzania: Data on Economic TransformationTanzaniaDownload
Tanzania: Excel Data on Economic StructuresTanzaniaDownload
Tanzania: Excel Data on TradeTanzaniaDownload
Trade_Domestic and foreign value added by sectorAllCountriesDownload
Trade_Export and import visualisationsAllCountriesDownload
Trade_Export diversification and quality indicesAllCountriesDownload
Trade_Exports by marketAllCountriesDownload
Trade_Exports by product (HS 6-digit)AllCountriesDownload
Trade_Exports of goods and servicesAllCountriesDownload
Trade_Imports by product (HS 6-digit)AllCountriesDownload
Trade_Imports by supplierAllCountriesDownload
Trade_Revealed comparative advantageAllCountriesDownload
Trade_Services exports by sectorAllCountriesDownload
Uganda: Data on Economic TransformationUgandaDownload
Uganda: Excel Data on Economic StructuresUgandaDownload
Uganda: Excel Data on TradeUgandaDownload
West Bank and Gaza: Data on Economic TransformationWestBankandGazaDownload
West Bank and Gaza: Excel Data on Economic StructuresWestBankandGazaDownload
West Bank and Gaza: Excel Data on TradeWestBankandGazaDownload
Yemen: Data on Economic TransformationYemenDownload
Yemen: Excel Data on Economic StructuresYemenDownload
Yemen: Excel Data on TradeYemenDownload
Zambia: Data on Economic TransformationZambiaDownload
Zambia: Excel Data on Economic StructuresZambiaDownload
Zambia: Excel Data on TradeZambiaDownload
Zimbabwe: Data on Economic TransformationZimbabweDownload
Zimbabwe: Excel Data on Economic StructuresZimbabweDownload
Zimbabwe: Excel Data on TradeZimbabweDownload