Highlights of media coverage of the SET programme.

Credit: ©Simone D. McCourtie, World Bank
Credit: ©Simone D. McCourtie, World Bank

Nepal to face labour shortage by 2030 – The Kathmandu Post, 27 October 2017

Credit: SET Programme
Credit: SET Programme

Stakeholders stress on inclusive job creation – The Himalayan Times, 26 October 2017

Credit:  ILO/NgSwanTi
Credit: ILO/NgSwanTi

More FDI needed for substantial increase in garment exports – The Myanmar Times, 9 August 2017

Credit: KBC Channel

KAM urges political parties to encourage investments – KBC TV, 7 July 2017

Credit: j_cadmus via Visual Hunt

Kenyan manufacturers launch policy agenda for industrialization – XinhuaNet News, 5 July 2017

Credit: Joseph Kanyi
Credit: Joseph Kanyi

How Kenya can develop its light manufacturing sector – Business Daily, 11 June 2017

Credit: The Reporter

Nation’s manufacturing sector wins kudos – The Reporter, 10 June 2017

Credit: The Economist/J.R.

Will manufacturing in Africa ever take off? – The Economist, 4 May 2017

Credit: SET Programme, Overseas Development Institute ©

Private equity falls short in spurring African development – The Financial Times, 23 March 2017

Credit: Scott Wallace / World Bank

DFID tries to justify its existence – The Economist, 2 February 2017

Credit: African Business

Can Africa’s manufacturers profit from the economic rebalancing in China? – African Business Magazine, 25 November 2016

Credit: thebftonline
Credit: thebftonline

Economic transformation can revive Africa’s growth miracle and protect the climate – B&FT Online, 4 November 2016

Credit: Financial Nigeria

Okonjo-Iweala puts African leaders to task – Financial Nigeria, 4 November 2016

Credit: News360.info

Report: Nigeria’s Manufacturing at 10% of GDP is Below Average – News36.info, 3 June 2016

Credit: Jeff Attaway
Credit: Jeff Attaway

Policy inconsistency responsible for Nigeria’s ‘little economic transformation and low quality growth’, Channels TV, 31 May 2016

Credit: Jeremy Weate via Flickr

UK report says Nigeria experiencing ‘little economic transformation’ compared to other oil producing state – The Nigerian Times, 31 May 2016

Credit: ILO/Sarah-Jane Saltmarsh
Credit: ILO/Sarah-Jane Saltmarsh

Productive exceptions shine in African gloom – The Financial Times, 3 May 2016

Credit: Andrea Moroni

Manufacturing in Africa is growing faster than forecast – Business Daily, 1 May 2016

Credit: CNBC Africa

Video: Manufacturing doubles in sub-Saharan Africa – CNBC Africa, 20 April 2016

Credit: Antony Robbins

Services should not hobble industry and agriculture sectors – Business Daily, 20 March 2016

Credit: Gustave Deghilage

Future of transport sector lies in technology, says report – The Standard (digital), 11 February 2016

Credit: World Bank Group

Nigeria told to emulate Korea and Indonesia to transform economy – Business Day, 5 February 2016

Credit: Asian Development Bank

Hydro potential to transform economy – The Kathmandu Post, 9 December 2015

Credit: Simon Davis/Department for International Development

Raising productivity is the best cure for a slowdown – The Financial Times, 13 September 2015

Credit: Kaysha (via Flickr)
Credit: Kaysha (via Flickr)

Rodrik pessimistic on economic growth in developing countries but sees opportunities – The Broker, 30 June 2015

Credit: Jonathan Ernst

Poor policies threaten services sector in Kenya, says report – The Standard (digital), 29 April 2015

Credit: Diana Ngila | Nation Media Group

Exporting services could be magic bullet for growth, says ‘Vision’ DG – Daily Nation, 28 April 2015