The UK’s Indo-Pacific tilt: a trade and development perspective

Dirk Willem te Velde, 7 May 2021


Asia-Pacific is the world’s largest region in terms of population and the most heterogeneous in terms of geography and economic development. It is expected to see a multi-paced recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, depending on the spread of the virus, the rollout of vaccines and economic ties with East Asia, which is seeing signs of economic recovery. How Global Britain can best engage with a multi-speed region remains to be seen. ODI’s Asia 2025 study argues that vulnerabilities of Asian middle-income countries (MICs) differ markedly. Development partners, therefore, need to continue to support them with more and better aid, trade and investment, albeit in smart and changing ways.

Photo: Quay cranes on docks in Sri Lanka. Dominic Sansoni / World BankLicence: (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)