14 September 2017 | A UK-Liberia partnership: investing in infrastructure, energy and agriculture


On 14th September 2017, the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), in partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the Liberia National Investment Commission (LNIC), hosted a workshop and networking event in London. The event’s aims were two-fold: firstly, to explore the state of Liberia’s economy and the potential opportunities and challenges for foreign investors, and secondly, to facilitate relationship-building between Liberia and UK-based international investors seeking to opportunities to support development in the sub-Saharan African country.

The ODI was honoured to welcome to the event several members of the Liberian Government,  as well as His Excellency Dr Mohammed Sheriff, the Liberian Ambassador to the UK, and David Belgrove OBE, British Ambassador to Liberia, representatives from CDC and over 30 private investors based in the UK.

Presentations from LNIC and Liberian Government representatives outlined Liberia’s past and current challenges, promising recent economic growth, and the wealth of promising financing opportunities for investors across agriculture and agri-business, infrastructure, water, energy, manufacturing and tourism.

Information on investment opportunities can be found within the event report, available for download above. For further detail, please contact Quinton Tunis at the LNIC (tunisq@gmail.com).

Photo credit: Albert K. Jaja.