Monitoring Policies to Support Industrialisation in Tanzania

Josaphat Kweka (Talanta International), December 2018



Industrialisation has been recognised as the overarching policy priority guiding the design and implementation of all policies and strategies within and around Tanzania’s Five-Year Development Plan 2016/17–2021/22 (FYDP II). The Government of Tanzania has taken tangible steps to spur implementation of the industrialisation objective, including by preparing a national strategy, identifying priority projects, strengthening the institutional framework to address coordination challenges and developing supportive infrastructure projects.

The key elements for developing a competitive manufacturing sector appear to exist in Tanzania but a number of constraints prevent it from being realised. Some constraints affect the implementation capacity of the government, while others affect the competitiveness of firms.

‘Monitoring policies to support industrialisation’ explores recent progress made against the FYDP II and offers policy suggestions for overcoming some of the constraints that have emerged, while ‘Harnessing SEZs’ provides illustrative examples of industrial developments in SEZs, regulatory reforms that could support their development and effectiveness, and again offers policy reforms that could drive further progress.

Photo: Dar es Salaam port, Tanzania, 2014. Photo: Rob Beechey / World Bank.