Kenya-UK Trade and Investment Relations: Taking Stock and Promoting Exports to the UK

Aarti Krishnan, Dirk Willem te Velde and Anzetse Were, July 2018




The Export Promotion Council (EPC) in Kenya aims to develop Kenyan exports including to the UK. One way to do this is through diversifying trade, by both deepening and strengthening business linkages between Kenya and the UK.

This paper and briefing discuss the current state of trade patterns and investment flows between the UK and Kenya, develops tools relevant to help identify key products and promising sectors for export, and proposes a range of policy measures to support these sectors. It is undertaken jointly with the EPC  in Kenya in support of the national export development and promotion strategy for Kenya 2017-2022. It identifies appropriate sectors for UK exports and discusses a range of measures to increase trade and business linkages between Kenya and the UK.

Media coverage

‘High costs taking shine off tea, coffee exports to UK’, Daily Nation, 17 May (also published by Business Daily Africa)

‘High production costs could lose Kenya its competitive edge in coffee, tea and flower exports to the UK’, Brits in Kenya, 30 May

‘Government urges exporters to rebrand products’, KBC Channel, 20 July

‘Kenya’s share of UK market shrinks by 13.2 per cent’, Mediamax Network, 20 July

‘Kenya’s UK export slack opens door to regional rivals’, Citizen Digital, 20 July

‘Rwanda, Ethiopia edge out Kenya in UK trade’, The Star (Kenya), 21 July

‘Kenya loses market share to Rwanda, Dar’, Rwanda Today, 23 July (also printed in Business Daily Africa)

‘Kenya losing her UK-market to neighbouring countries’, Soko Directory, 23 July

‘Kenya’s export value to UK declining’, Kenyan Citizen TV (via YouTube)

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‘Brexit offers Kenya an opportunity to negotiate beneficial trade deals’, Business Daily Africa (via YouTube)

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Photo credit: Pete Lewis/Department for International Development via Flickr